Swap scenes assignment in scene view and effects blocks assignment in stomp view

At this moment we can only copy a scene into another scene in scene view, and we cannot swap two scenes.
A simple solution could be to push two footswitches at the same time for 2 seconds, then the GUI will ask if you want to swap scenes - similar to Helix behavior.
The same concept could also be applied to effects blocks in stomp view.

we need SOME kind of scene swap solution, rather than just the overwriting ‘copy’ and paste function. Please oh please make them swappable? We’ll be your best friends!

Yeah I could use this too, big fan of this idea. How about the option to drag and drop on the gig view scenes page? Like tap on the square for that scene and drag it to another spot and it’ll swap, like an app on a smartphones Home Screen!

Yes please!! Swapping scenes would bei awesome and helpfull.