Any success with detune?

Hi All,

I saw a couple of posts on instagram about the transpose feature in JP and Rabea plugins and was wondering if they are more advanced than the pitch shifting within the QC. In an interview with Rabea he mentioned that on Frogleap shows he could use the pitch shift within the QC to play in a lower or higher tuning to what his guitar was tuned to.

I play in a band where we are tuned to D Standard but I don’t like the way my guitar feels with this tuning. I tried using a pitch shift block and dropping it a tone and playing with a guitar tuned to E Standard. On the most part it was good for riffing but any chord work I could hear obvious glitching.

Would love to know if others have had better success with this. Thanks :slight_smile:

It sounds fine to me for the most part if you don’t stray too far from your original tuning, it just adds a tiny bit of latency.

I wouldn’t want to use pitch shifting in a situation like yours where it’s a more permanent solution that has you using it for most or all of the songs for a project or set. It’s good enough for a few songs that require different tunings, but the inherent latency and artifacts would drive me nuts before long.