How to detune the guitar? Issues with the pitch shifter

I tune to Standard D and my main guitar uses a Floyd rose.
Sometimes I do jam sessions where most people tune to E standard, so I would like to have a preset that’s tuned to standard tuning.
I added a pitch shifter to the end of the chain and detuned it up 2 semitones.
I can hear both pitches for some reason, although it’s on 100%
Can anyone advise?
I’m I using the right block for this or in the right position?

Hi @stevenf, make sure you aren’t hearing the acoustics of the guitar transferring into the sound as that is 99% of the issue for most if not all similar issues. Also, make sure there are no open (non processed ) signal chains and ensure there are no splitters/mixers incorrectly configured. Lastly, if you are unable to determine how to resolve, I would suggest emailing and they will get you sorted quickly.

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This is a pretty common experience when employing harmony and particularly pitch shifting. Barring it being a problem with your signal path (as you mentioned), what is likely happening is that you are actually hearing the strings on your instrument, directly from the instrument, not the QC output, at sufficient volume to disrupt hearing only the pitch shifted sound. Most likely you just need to get the pitch shifted sound up to adequate volume to drown out the direct sound from the strings. If you have particularly acute hearing, you just have to learn to ignore what’s coming off the strings and focus on your monitor.

Hmmm…thanks for the info…I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

Just noticed @MP_Mod said essentially the same thing in his post. Needless to say, I concur.

try putting the Looper at the front of the lane and recording a phrase, then playing that loop thru the pitch-shifter, then you’ll know for SURE what it’s really doing. Keep in mind they are MONO pitch-shifting blocks, so you shouldn’t really expect perfection, especially if you’re shifting clean tones UP.


Lol. No worries, I definitely appreciate your feedback and glad we concur!

Try adjusting input gain (swipe down from top). I found that higher input levels gave better pitch shifting performance.

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I would put the Pitch shift first in the signal chain and just be sure there were no other inputs feeding the output.

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Put the shifter first in the chain. I would try that.

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