Strymon Timeline Tremolo Delay

I’ve used a Timeline for many years - and particularly loved and used the Tremolo Delay engine… which had a fantastic ‘Repeats only’ tremolo - check out their “Mountain Dougie” preset - which is one I used a lot. I’d love to recreate this in my QC - much more interesting than a simple timed trem…

I’ve been working on recreating specific pedals, but the only Strymon I have is the Volante. I’ve been watching videos to try to figure out what their presets or settings do. Hard to find specific preset demos, mostly just the different settings types.

Can you describe more about the effect or possibly share an audio sample?

The Timeline has an entire delay setting dedicated to putting timed trems on just the repeats - the dry signal is unaffected - there is a Strymon video of examples Strymon TimeLine - Trem Delay Machine audio clips - YouTube
My favourite ‘delay’ on the Timeline - but tricky to reproduce! you can select the number of trem repeats/cycles for each delay repeat - I used six Trems per repeat… I don’t have the unit any more so Can’t send an example of 'Mountain Dougie" but that was the preset I used as a basic start for my own settings.

Cool. I’ve been studying some videos on the trem delay. I can isolate the delay repeats and apply trem only to them, the tricky part is then timing the trem across the delay. Getting somewhere though!

so I took a crack at it. I found the settings for “mountain dougie” and applied those across the delay repeats going thru the trem on SCENE F. I went by the written parameter settings as I couldn’t find an audio/video demo so I don’t know what it’s supposed to sound like.

Other scenes use the same ‘trem on delay repeats only’ approach along with a totally separate ‘dry’ lane pair with the main amp and cab tone in parallel. It also has the micropitch effect built in but that can be switched off pretty easily.

I’d be curious to hear if going by the settings alone gets anywhere close to the preset sound you remember. I’m guessing probably not, but it makes for an interesting effect of it’s own anyway.

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Thanks very much for trying this - apologies for my slow response - I’ve been out of action for a couple of weeks. Much appreciate your input :slightly_smiling_face:

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Better yet, there should be a “insert FX blocks to delay repeats ONLY” feature for delays, not just tremolo. There is already a feature request for this:

ah, I’d forgotten about this one. I had fun exploring the concept. Any input on tweaking the preset closer to the original tone is welcome. With only the settings to go by, I’m sure it’s nowhere near what the preset actually sounds like?

This is a great idea - apply fx to repeats only is exactly how and why the Timeline Trem engine works so well. Good shout.