Sell Timeline/Big Sky and use built-in fx?

I’m planning my pedalboard for when the QC arrives. Those of you that have your QCs - should I ditch the timeline and big sky and just use the built-in delay and reverb fx? How’s the quality?

I mainly use tape and double delays; for reverb mostly spring, big room, and huge drones.

I would recommend waiting until after you get the QC and try it. The reverbs/delays are very good, but not as good as the strymon pedals. I decided convenience was more important, so I ditched all my other pedals. But if your really picky about reverb/delay quality, you’ll probably want to keep them.

I can say you’ll never buy an external OD pedal again. There is nothing the QC can’t do in the overdrive/distortion arena.

I agree. I think the reverb and delays are still not the best. Certainly good but not as good or as versatile as the Kemper or Strymon IMO.

Wait till you try them and then decide for yourself. Personally they are good enough for me, although I still want a plate algorithm.

Thanks for the info.

What about compressor? I have a darkglass hyper luminal right now.

I don’t use much compression either unless quite full on when playing funk rhythms live, so the QC is fine for me here. I like the fact it’s got a mix for the dry signal.

Anyone else who loves compression wanna chime in? :wink:

On the compressor, I am extremely picky (more so then reverb). I play lots of low OD rockabilly. I had a Wampler Ego and every nuance mattered. On my previous modelers, I found the compressors lacking.

So I extensively AB’d the Wampler vs the QC’s compressors. Here I was blown away. The QC did everything the Wampler could, and with slightly lower noise.

Again I’d say you might want to wait and test yourself before ditching any pedals, but I think you’ll be impressed with the QC in this arena.


Excellent reply. Thanks for the info:)

I had planned to keep the OE Cali76TX compressor and Strymon VOlante on my board w/ the QC. After experimenting for the past few months, I have removed the Cali compressor (did NOT see that coming) but kept the Strymon delay.
The compressors on the QC are REALLY good. A nice variety- from very simple/basic to quite flexible and multi-featured. I never thought the Cali76 would come off my board, but the QC really doesn’t seem to need it.
The delay, however- well, I can’t quite get the QC delays to sound as organic and warm as the Strymon. Granted, that’s a big ask anyway. The delays are flexible on the QC, but I don’t think the audio quality is on par with the Strymon.
I would definitely recommend hanging on to your gear for a 1:1 comparison with the QC. I was fairly surprised by what I could ditch, and what I couldn’t live without. And, of course it’s all subject to change as the unit evolves.