Feedback Splitter for Delays - Adding multiple FX only to the Delay Repeats

I love having different fx in a delay’s feedback Loop, and maybe there are other ways to use/abuse a feedback splitter.

One “simple” way to do this would be to enable the Split and the Mixer to be at any point on a line (currently, you cannot put the mixer point before the splitter point).

This may require a special “FB Loop Delay” that is only insertable on line 1 or line 3 and only if there is not already a splitter. This special delay might have special considerations such as adding a brick wall limiter to avoid overloading outputs.

But with the FB Loop Delay, there is a block-width adjustable splitter to the line below. This splitter has the Mix point before the Delay and the Split point after the Delay. Between these points on the line below, you can insert any number of effects and/or send/returns.

In the FB Loop Delay, the mix control takes the place of a splitter mix control and the delay feedback control adjusts the send level to the feedback loop.

This would result in all manners of creative delay sounds. Want a 6-tap delay, add a few simple delays in the FB Loop. Add a flanger or a phaser in the feedback loop to make the repeats unique but not effect the “clean” input. Want a dirty, phased delay - add an overdrive and a phaser.

Want an oil can delay, add a light overdrive, high pass filter, a simple delay, and a tremelo in the repeats loop.

Oh what a gloriously creative opportunity to show off the power of the QC.