Strange over compression that builds.

I’ll be playing a clean guitar patch when suddenly the front of the note gets a lot of attack and then it becomes squished and distorted. I then go to another patch and then come back to the problem patch and it starts off good and then slowly goes down the same path. It does this on several different presets. Only noticed it in headphones so far, not sure if that has anything to do with it, but it is frustrating. I hope they resolve this bug in the next update.

It also does this thing when you have delay on (tape delay in this example) and it’ll start making the delay get louder and louder and become infinite and obnoxious. I thought I was losing it because it slowly builds out of control until you’re saying yourself… “what’s happening? Am I freaking out.” Really hope this gets addressed.


I am unable to duplicate this issue. If you email, they will likely need some details regarding your specific setup, logs for diagnostics and probably presets that you are having issues with.

are those presets using the Jewel compressor? There’s a known bug being addressed that should be fixed in the next release. Not sure if other compressors have the issue. Try deleting any comps in the problem presets and replacing them with a different one


From the description of your delay issue: it sounds to me like you may have the feedback set too high.

No, that’s definitely not the case. I’ve been playing with effects processors for over 20 years. Definitely not a noob. It’s a glitch, because it changes on its own without me tweaking anything.

Cool. Thanks for the update. That’s probably it.

Your OP didn’t indicate using the Jewel compressor but @xush is correct, there is an existing bug with that FX block that results in various issues. That will be fixed shortly in an upcoming hot-fix update. If the Jewel compressor block is not your issue, please email and they will log your issue and help to resolve.

It definitely looks like it is the Jewel compressor. What about the delay issue? Did you hear anything about that, or could it just be related to the Jewel compressor?

Yo dude! Do you perchance happen to have a splitter running pre-delay/ verb? Are you running them parallel (delay and verb) and not in series? Only asking because I switched a gang of presets up this way for my original tunes and now I need to bring the clean amp volumes down slightly because I’m seeing peaking big time.

This has been resolved in 2.0.1 per the release notes:

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