What happened to the Jewel compressor?

I was using the Jewel compressor on all of my presets.
I had the mix at 50% and it was very subtle, you hardly knew it was there.
I used it for my strats and it would boost the volume a little bit and fatten the sound.
After I upgraded to Core 2.0 it sounds very extreme , everything is squashed.
Is there a way to revert back to the previous version?
The model update available and change to legacy version are greyed out.


I use the Jewel compressor in my presets and haven’t noticed any difference after the update. Are you sure the amp model(s) you’re using hasn’t had some sort of update?

I HAD the Jewel comp. I DID see the change he speaks of. I actually changed to a different compressor to move forward quickly.

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All of my amps are captures. I noticed this on my clean sounds, esp. Fender Twin Reverb or Polytone, or JC 120.
I used the Jewel compressor with the default settings except I brought the mix to 50% because I wanted to mix the natural sound with the compression. It seems the mix is working backwards.
When I used to have the mix at 50%, a little compression was mixed with my sound, now at 50% everything is very compressed.
I switched to the Legendary 87 (m) compressor, at default settings it sounds very similar to the way the Jewel used to sound, a little volume boost and a little thicker. This way I can balance out the sound and volume when using guitars with SC and humbuckers.

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Is device versioning just for use in future updates? Do we know which, if any of the models on the QC have been updated with newer versions in the CorOS 2.0 release? A list from Neural would be informative and handy.

The fact that it was greyed out would imply that the Jewel model wasn’t changed. If it has changed, perhaps it is a configuration issue with the new firmware, or you could have discovered a bug in which case you might want to post it to Neural.

For anyone looking for more info/instructions on the device versioning the OP mentioned, there is a walkthrough on how to use a legacy version of a model at 4:00 minutes in on the video below.

I agree, there’s something drastically different (wrong) with the Jewel. It’s been one of my go-to’s. Now it’s unusable.

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Definitely a big change.

I also have sound problems with DMM‘s Clean preset (already in discussion on Discord). Emailed support about it.

Just received the following message from NSDP: “We had similar feedbacks, and our team is already working on it.” And they asked me to send a report.


Came here to say that, thanks Luke. Hopefully the patch will be out pretty soon.