Stereo SAMPLE & HOLD effect : like on the Spatial Delivery

Hello everyone,

I propose a thread for the addition of a SAMPLE & HOLD effect. If you aren’t familiar with S&H, I’ll direct you to this Frank Zappa solo:

Here is a video of the effect as it stands on the Spatial Delivery

This is a vintage effect, but evokes such emotion and is so inspiring to use. One of these with stereo panning or tremolo built in would be very useful.

If this sounds interesting, please give this a vote up.

Coming from the analog synthesizer world and the Empress Zoia, I think it would be much better overall to have assignable LFO functions built into the QC. Sine, triangle, square, ramp, saw, and also S&H. And an envelope follower function, too.

With this setup, for example, you could “build” a Spatial Delivery by running S&H on a filter frequency parameter, or on a gain block, for some cool choppy sounds. And there would be so many more options for creating other kinds of custom effects.

For the sake of other people reading this thread, here are some other requests for assignable LFO/ENV functions (@ASTROFREQ I see that you commented on one of these already):

Not sure how this could be implemented in stereo without using a splitter, though.

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Thanks. I would love an LFO on the QC, but I also think a simple Sample & Hold effect block would be useful too.

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Any Zappaesk Effect is very welcome. :grinning: How about the Dynaflanger? The Helix and the AxeFX3 can do a dynamic Flanger. It would also be nice to have some Zappa Presets in the Cortex Cloud, but it seems that there are not too many Zappa Fans here…?