Sample/hold filter

I couldn’t find it, sorry if I missed it…but has no one really asked for a sample/hold random filter effect? If not, I am :smiley:

Agreed, I want that too.

I also requested similar feature.

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Other people have asked for the ability to apply LFOs (including S&H) to parameters in other blocks. In your case, you are asking for an LFO or S&H to be applied to the cutoff frequency in a filter. But why stop there? Phaser and flanger sweeps, delay time and feedback, distortion pedal gain, etc., could all benefit from a universal approach to LFOs.

This assignable/programmable ability is one of my favorite features of the Empress Zoia, which I still keep on my pedalboard next to my QC.

Give these requests a look. I would also like to see this kind of functionality built into CorOS:

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