ZOIA/Modular Like Utility Blocks (LFOS, Envelopes/Followers, Sequencers, CV...)


I’m from the Bitwig/ZOIA/Modular worlds and like to be able to modulate and patch anything at a high and low level of operation. To me the QC seems like a natural space to compete with something like the Empress ZOIA though maybe not to the same extent. I would also like to pair the modeller with my synths more and have ability to interface with them via CV.

LFOs and envelope followers that you could assign to any/most parameters would be huge. One of the reasons I love Ableton so much.


This would be absolutely HUGE! As a Zoia user myself the modular nature of that thing makes it incredibly flexible. Would make this thing very tough to beat and you’re right, the UI would lend itself very nicely to it.

I was also considering what other effects work well with Envelope triggers. Modulation effects where speed or depth is affected by envelope, or distortion that cleans up (or the opposite) as the note sustains. It’s possibly a niche effect but why not be able to assign your Envelope to any knob like you could an expression pedal?

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An LFO controller section similar to the Axe-Fx would be amazing, with LFO settings per preset. You could assign LFOs to control any parameter that can be controlled with an expression pedal in a preset. This would allow for building more unique effects with what we already have.

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LFO / Envelopes / etc. are needed!
There is also this feature request: LFO,GATE,ENV assignable on module parameters