Stereo Amp Blocks

We now have plenty of options for cabs and IR’s but not for amps.

You can easily have the sound of stereo wet effects in between the amp and cab that resemble using an FX loop on an amp.

But what about if I want to run stereo wet FX in the front of the amp? Right now the only way I see to do it is add another amp with the exact same settings right after a mixer split.

That burns a whole line and takes away the ability to do other complex routing after on those 2 lines.

Would be nice to have a stereo amp block, that would pass through hard left and right straight into a stereo cab or IR block. All of that would be on 1 line.

Since guitar is mostly mono, a mono amp sort of makes sense. There are a few effects that can go before or after distortion that could be stereo: phaser, flanger, chorus, uni-vibe. But you may find that those effects before distortion benefit from being mono. Then use wider stereo effects after distortion.

It’s also likely that a stereo amp would take the same DSP as two mono amps. You can already do stereo amps with two mono amps, but that does take two paths.

Stereo guitars don’t work well in most gigging situations. Mono is easier to distribute throughout the venue. And stereo guitar can get lost in a band situation where there is already good separation between the instruments. So while this would be an interesting feature, it might not be a high priority.


Food for thought: here’s an adjacent request for multiple splits per pair of lines.

I’m sincerely not trying to be rude, but I just don’t agree with you. I understand what you’re saying, I just don’t have the same opinion.

I think it would be very useful. I mostly play at church. [edit to say that I play at church and all of the guitar players in our rotation play stereo rigs] I like the sound of the reverbs going into edgy amps… on some songs.

I’m saying I can do it now, just have to burn a whole 2nd path for one amp. Seems like a waste.

Yes, that would work as well.

Doesn’t panning the cab mics hard L+R enable you to run stereo effects before the amp?