Static noise/clicks

I’m really lost here. I would appreciate your help.
I use the standalone version of Plini.
Here’s what I experience whenever the standalone Plini is open:

  1. When playing the guitar, I hear static noises at whatever buffer size I set for my audio interface.
  2. Even if Plini is open and I don’t play, I hear these static noises when listening to youtube videos or playing audio on my computer.
  3. When I close Plini, everything is back to normal with regards to any noises.
  4. I have other guitar amp simulators and I don’t have these issues with them.

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t change anything.

My computer:
Windows 10, 64 bits, RAM 16 GB, CPU i7 8700, SSD hard drive.

At what buffer size do you think I should be able to play without hearing these static clicks?
How do I get rid of them?

Thank you.

Hello @yair.hollander. The first thing would be to check if using a larger buffer size mitigates the problem, this way you can determine if the noise is related to performance issues. If you’re not sure about the optimal settings, try to replicate these:

Audio device type: ASIO
Audio device: (this will depend on your audio interface)
Audio Input Channels: Input 1 or Input 2 (disable all the inputs you’re not using)
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Buffer size: 128 or 256 samples

I tried the settings that you recommended but unfortunately the digital crackles are still there.
I think my computer is powerful enough to handle playing without this issue, correct?

@yair.hollander Are you able to record some audio examples and send them to The issue may be related to something else.