New to QC and looking for routing suggestions

I’m a recent convert to the QC. I’ve had it for about a month now. I am going to be using the QC live and would like to send Out 1/2 to FOH and Out 4/R to a Seymour Duncan PowerStage 200 into a 2x12 for some on-stage mojo. FOH will be getting a stereo signal and the cab will only be getting mono. How do I set up my preset to make the most of this setup? Do I run all of my pre-amp effects and then my amp capture to a split? Then one split will have stereo delays, etc. into a cab block and then to Out 1/2? The other split woud have mono delays and no cab block going to Out 4/R? Would I use an A/B split?

So far I have done a couple of shows with it already but I have not added the Duncan PS or the cab. Just direct stereo to FOH and it sounds incredible.

I think you’re complicating the mono / stereo thing too much. My suggestion would be amp>delay>split. Top row then has Cab to Outs 1&2. 2nd row goes to Out4. When it goes to Out 4 it will still be a mono signal i.e. the fact it might be a stereo delay won’t have any effect going through a single output.

Good to know. I figured since I have a few songs with ping aspong delays it might be strange possibly only getting one side of it thru the cab. It happens very little so I will not worry about it and route as you suggested.