Some things I wish I could change after 6 months of gigs

Here’s a list of things that I wish I could change using the QC in a professional live setting.


  1. Faster boot time (a 45 second boot time in a live setting feels like 45 minutes!)
  2. Muted sound on boot (maybe boot into tuner or something?)
  3. Access shut down menu from tuner/tempo screen (I’d like to be able to mute the sound using the tuner after a gig and then shut down from there).
  4. Independent input/output settings for presets
  5. Auto Impedance setting (like AXE FX)
  6. Some kind of “Save / Abandon Changes” dialog when the current preset has changed and you switch to another preset. (The amount of times I’ve spent programming a sound and then lost everything by accidentally switching to the next preset). This could also be remedied with a good preset level autosave / version control system so it stores changes periodically with a rollback function.
  7. A more graceful shutdown. (For some reason, to me, the shutdown process feels very abrupt, like switching off a computer at the mains).


  1. Better stock power supply (the stock PSU was way too short and cheap feeling, a good upgrade cost me £17)
  2. Ship with basic case (a soft case at least should be included for the price)
  3. I wish the power button was a physical button instead of touch sensitive, or at least have some kind of texture to it. It can be hard to find in the dark

I agree with everything said here. I’ve put in a couple feature requests for gripes that I have when using the QC live ( such as some sort of display when switching presets so I can choose what scene/preset I want before the QC switches into the next sound (Kemper does this))
As well as a toggle that would enable gig view by default when booted up (thinking of a throw-and-go gig where there isn’t much time to get set up) which would alleviate the need to swipe up on the screen mid-song if I forget to put it into gig view.

I also find the touchscreen buggy at times when trying to exit CPU monitor or sometimes exiting out of the main menu, the display just won’t respond

Hi @DF132 , I would contact NDSP directly at to look at your issues with the touchscreen as that is not normal behavior.

Thanks Scott, I have emailed support.

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Re: “Save / Abandon Changes”, preset change is an undoable operation. So if you are in the middle of editing a patch and press the preset up/down button by mistake, just undo to get back where you were.

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Your point 7 is very true and means that the file systems on this embedded Linux system are dirty, which can lead to data corruption.