Some CorOS 2.0.0. Captures not listed in manual/database?

I noticed a Geddy Lee preset, that appears to have a capture of the Tech21 SansAmp GED-2112. The capture is called Tech41 GED, but I don’t find it listed in the manual or searchable database. I heard there were over 900 new captures in this update. Is there a real comprehensive list anywhere online?

Hi @sdbguitars and welcome to the community! The most current manual notes all the new models and captures currently available with the QC.

Also ‘Tech41 GED’ is most definitely in the factory captures. You can search by ‘Tech41’ and make sure you aren’t filtering the results and set to ‘show all’. The results are currently (18) captures starting with ‘Tech41’ etc. Hope that helps!

interesting- the Ged captures don’t appear in the manual, but there are 2 in the Factory Capture folder on the QC.

this page contains the added/upgraded content, and also links to the manual:

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I did search the manual before posting, I asked because these are the only “Tech41” captures I saw:

if you search on the QC unit itself, they are there. They’re just not listed in the manual.
There are 2 Tech41 GED captures in the Factory Captures folder on the Quad Cortex

There’s a couple missing in the manual and/or written differently, e.g. preset 6G Angels and Rainbows, amp capture used in preset “ENG Rainbow 5” in the manual this probably corresponds to “NGL Rainbow”. There are also some in the factory presets that i couldn’t pinpoint to anything in the manual

I get this. But I would prefer up to date/accurate documentation. I managed to find a single site on the internet (in Japanese?) that seems to list some of the more recent captures.

The option to look things up in documentation while I’m at work and put together a plan so I don’t have “feature paralysis” when digging through the device seems useful.

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Can you post the link to the Japanese website?

this is an unofficial page that a user tries to keep updated. I noticed it’s missing a few also, probably because it’s based off the manual, but it does include the new captures:


I went to this page before I started this thread, and this was all I saw under the captures:

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