'Missing' Captures

Ok, I’m pretty tech savvy but this has totally got me; I have a Preset with a downloaded capture. The capture is still a current one on the Neural site, here https://cloud.neuraldsp.com/cloud/p/2c93f381-6182-4818-ad38-4b8591ee7f92

I have ticked it, so it has a green tick against it on both the website and on my Neural app.
Yes I cannot find it anywhere on my actual Quad Cortex, resulting in the expected level of frustration!
Any ideas?

I also have my own Capture, of a Boss OD-1 pedal as modelled by my Boss OD-200, and again I can’t find this anywhere in the QC. When I search for it using the touch keyboard, it even appears in the ‘Suggestions’ window, but I can’t find it anywhere in the unit itself. Again has anyone any ideas?

Thank you

More info; I’ve just downloaded some previous backups, and any backup BEFORE I updated to Core OS 2.1.0 contains the Captures, but any backup AFTER 2.1.0 (including after I updated to 2.1.1.) contains NO Captures at all - whether they are my own or they are other user captures…

bro… i guess i better not update before we jam tonight

where are the captures located when you can see them?
Are you positive no filters are engaged if you browse the Captures Folders? This can hide whole categories of caps.
Otherwise, maybe this is a bug to be reported.

Once your QC is connected, your selected downloads will appear in the Downloads folder. You may need to adjust filtering by date (select date once for early downloads and again for newest downloads). The preset with included capture should be in that folder. Then you can preview the preset, delete and or save. Once you save, then you should have the preset and included capture available. If you still have issues, email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted quickly.

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I’ll get back to you on the above questions, in the meantime what’s also annoying me is that my QC is constantly logging me out of my account, so even a basic thing like looking at backups / creating updates etc to rectify the problem I’m having with missing Captures becomes quite long winded…

Thank you, well done - yes, it was the filters that was hiding them. Weirdly it was hiding even the pedal captures, with the filter set to show ‘Pedals’ but I guess the metadata of each capture must need updating or something.

Either way it makes me look forward even more to being able to use the desktop controller - at least if that allows me to backup / copy / move a single preset. This situation has made me realise the inefficiency and frustration of having updated to v 2.1.1, then reverting to a back up made prior to that update to ‘restore’ my captures (which I now know were there all along, but I couldn’t see them because of the filter setting) then making a new preset, but eventually restoring the post 2.1.1 backup - only to realise that there is no way to add the new preset I made while using a previous backup to the latest back up.
Or in other words, I can’t see anyway to manage / handle a single preset backup. Is there a work-around to this?

You can upload your preset to the cloud, then re-download it later. Many users upload them this way to have separate access to them outside of the all-in-one full backup

Unfortunatly, in the Download folder , when you ‘sort by date’ , it doesn’t sort by downloaded date, but by ‘capture uploaded date’ (the same problem applies to downloaded Presets … )

This is really annoying.
For example, if I downloaded today a preset made 1 year ago, just after having downloaded it it appears (correctly) as the ‘most recent’ downloaded preset when sorted by date descending. But several minutes later, if I go back to my ‘Downloaded’ preset folder, the same preset is moved to a date one year earlier (the date that the preset was originaly created…) .

Has anyone noticed this strange behaviour ?

I already mentionned it somewhere else on this forum , but never had any feedback…

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Ah, good thinking! Thank you

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Yes, I saw that too - just one of many totally illogical implementations in the QC universe :face_with_monocle:

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