How do you control monitor volume with expression pedal?

Just got my QC and loving the tones and ease of use!

How do people set their QC up for live use? Particularly volume control of on stage monitors?

I’ve been using a Kemper for the last few years and love the ability to have a global volume control over my monitor out, while keeping the main outs fixed.

Can this be done on the QC?


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No, can‘t be done. The volume knob is global. You could route a dedicated lane to a preferred output for your on stage back line and offset the lane volume with an expression dial or pedal, but that feature has a bug. The assignment of the expression pedal is lost once you switch presets or turn the unit off.

Ah, thats a shame, but thanks for replying.
Maybe I could try a normal volume pedal between the QC and my monitor, hopefully that will let me set the QC output level for the PA and control the signal level to the monitor without changing anything in the QC.

Can you use a gain block at the end of the lane feeding your monitor output?

Good idea - will try that as well. Thanks

Ah hah! @ExAxeFx - just understood your first answer properly!
If you long press the output icon on the right you can assign an expression pedal directly to that output to control its output level without affecting any others - perfect!