Should we buy the plugins on sale?

All of us QC owners are looking forward to having the plugins ported to the QC. When that happens will we need the license to the plugs? Will we get a steep discount as QC owners? Should I buy the plugs now?

With NDSP’s current sale, the plugins are a huge bargain IMO. There is no set plans in place for how the plugins will work currently but the understanding is the plugins you own will eventually be available within the QC if you own them.

Buy them if you want them; I wouldn’t recommend waiting with the expectation that you’ll get them cheaper as a QC owner. I don’t think QC owners will get a better deal than they are right now. They are worth every penny, IMO. And it’s possible you may not even like how they end up being implemented in the QC (like, if you have to add each piece individually, that wouldn’t be ideal to me, since what makes the plugins amazing is the fact that I just open the standalone app and I can jam with almost zero tweaking…).

I just wish the Tone King was on sale, because that would have been a for-sure. I paid full price for Petrucci, but I’ll wait for a sale for the TK. It’s the only one I want but the only one not on sale :frowning: