Setting details for factory captures

I was hoping neural could publish a settings list for the factory captures if still available. While tweaking and testing by ear is fine it might be more useful especially for things like the poweramp captures. Thanks for considering!

That would be great, Id love to know the D-Cell 6550 power amp settings per capture

Yea especially since they don’t seem to follow any kind of order either

I would throw the unit out of the window or break it with an axe if it was not this expensive. This lack of information regarding the factory captures is THAT frustrating for me :slight_smile: The support is also clueless about it.

Hey NeuralDSP people, just fill-in the information (you are familiar with amps after all, you would understand what is being asked of here) and then upload them to cloud again as if they are new captures. We won’t mind the awkwardness and your acknowledgement of the obvious failure to think of it before releasing the unit in the first place.