Setting range for parameters controlled by expression pedal in standalone

So I’ve only seen one other thread on this topic, so I wanted to post for visibility. But does anyone know if there is a way to define the range of a parameter controlled by an expression pedal using the standalone sims? For example, I’d like to control the Wet/Dry knob of the reverb via expression pedal, but currently setting it up only allows me to go from 0% (heel down) to 100% wet (toe down). I’d like to set a range to where heel down is like 15%, and toe down is like 80% but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible.

Does anyone know if this is actually possible, or if not if maybe it’s in the works? Trying to optimize my live setup, and this would help me tremendously.

i think you can? dont have my qc near me rn but i do this often for gain pedals as to get a bit of volume with gain at like10 20% and then using the exp to whatever od or distortion i want sometimes setting it to 80 or 100%, from what i recall you can do the same for every parameter you just have to set it when you configure the block with the expression pedal
hope this helps

Thanks Cheems, but this would be for plugins and not for the QC.

oh my bad, i saw live and just thought of the qc- in a tangent, how are you using the sims live with expression pedals?
i have some plugins as well so i´ll try to hook up like your setup when i get home and see if there is a way to do it

No worries! But the main components are my laptop (obviously) and than an Xsonic Xtone Pro interface/MIDI controller. So my signal chain is basically this:

Guitar>volume pedal/tuner>pedals>Xtone Pro>NDSP Sim>Out

So the Xtone acts as an interface and MIDI footswitch, and I’ve got those assigned to the different pedals in each amp I use. Then I go stereo out from the Xtone straight into the front of house sound. I’m hoping to use the expression pedal through the Xtone as a sort of ‘wet’ knob I can push whenever I want, but the problem I’m running into is that I need at least some reverb on at all times, and having to worry about getting it back to where I want it after going up without completely cutting it is going to take more effort and focus than it’s really worth.

that´s cool, using a laptop on stage seems a little risky tho haha but anyway- im not sure i can help you much here but ill try the plugins later and see if theres some option you are missing

Definitely a little risky, but it’s strictly inside playing with low access to my gear for anyone but me and my bandmates, and I’ve got a backup rig on hand at all times, so it’s probably not as risky as a lot of other people’s situations would be. But I actually ended up using this as my main rig when I pulled my back a year ago and couldn’t lug around 40lbs worth of gear as easily, so being able to carry my entire rig in a backpack and a small pedalboard was huge. Then I just got used to it and it’s been smooth sailing since.

Appreciate the help, let me know if you happen to stumble across anything I’ve missed!

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