Setlist editing laggy and nonresponsive with OS 2.1.0

CorOS Version: 2.1.0

After a couple of minutes editing patches (like 5 min) when I go to my setlists to copy/swap/rename patches, the 3 little dots that open the context menu don’t work anymore. The options of copy/cut/paste don’t show up anymore when I press the 3 little dots. Also the setlist/preset browsing gets really laggy and sometimes pressing with my finger does not change anything (like open a preset, changing setlists).

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Got to setlist
  2. Copy/paste patches around (even within the same setlist)
  3. Dot’s don’t work anymore.

I have tried the following things:

  • A reboot does resolves the issue, but it comes back instantly after a few minutes.
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I’m seeing this here as well.

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I am able to reproduce this too.

Anyone report it to Support yet?

I also had this issue. The QC also completely locked up the other day when trying to download a bunch of captures at once from the cloud

the original post seems like the format for reporting to support, he likely reported it and copied it here

Ran into this last night

I thought this has been resolved by 2.1.1. But I just ran into this issue again. All of a sudden, the 3 dots for copy/cut/paste presets does not work anymore. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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I seem to have the same problem, after a Re-Boot all is well, but if I have my QC on for some time, and then this happens. 3 dots dont work. I made this video. This is a bug that needs to be fixed. The only help is a reboot

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Yep, I’m getting this too. Same as others, I found a reboot resolves it. Definitely needs a bug fix.

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I don`t play with the IR Loader block just now untill the hotfix is in. I only use normal cab block, and then this does not happen