Factory QC Models and Captures, Great third party captures and the Man Behind the Capture

  1. What are your opinions / thoughts on the factory models and the captures?
  2. Do you think in general you can get better third party captures than the factory captures of the same amps?
  3. Suggest some great captures on the cloud and the man behind the capture.

I’ll throw in my 02 on these questions. I think the factory captures are far superior to the models or at least more usable than the models. But I also think there are better captures from third parties of the same amp on the cloud than what you find stock in the unit. Not sure if that’s around dialling it in, etc. If you can give suggestions of capturers who do a good job on the cloud can you let us all know?

Sweetwater Studios has some phenomenal captures where the cab is baked in etc. I think captures are going to differ depending on the tone / EQ of the amps / drive etc. NDSP captures sound great as well and you might find a 3rd party capture of the same amp that works better for you. Also, ValeIR makes some great captures for the QC!

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Yeah I got a sweetwater one the other day but i still have to try them out. The ValveIR ones are good too depending. I think the MiniRec one which is free at the moment from them is good.

I can recommend the captures from AmpGuru. If you’re into high gain there is a great one of the Driftwood Darkest Nightmare. I noticed they have also done kemper profiles historically and they have a website where there is quite a lot of capture packs, etc. although they look quite exp. There are some free on the cloud though. Would be good to know from others which people gravitate to or who does good captures generally. I think there will definitely be a shift towards users known for their capture ability on the cloud. Even the popularity filter helps a lot, saves a lot of pointless testing.

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STL, Sweetwater Studios, DeividHellsFire and HeadfirstAmplification have some of my favorite captures and presets but there are so many to choose from!