Sell Timeline/Big Sky and use built-in fx?

I would sell my echosystem because QC almost covers ES’s function. Delay and reverbs are great enough already, and really easy to use.
But I would like to buy a modulation pedal such as Meris LVX or microcosm. Compared to Helix, or even POD go, there are so little of modulating effects and filters available(there is no autoswell, which would be really easy to build an algorhythm) on current version of QC. Also I am not satisfied of phaser/flangers of QC. It seems like Neural is currently focusing on other aspects on developing QC’s update.

the LVX is a great (if pricey) companion to the QC, it does so many things (like autoswell and modifier filters, etc) that the QC doesn’t do yet. I’ve got one in my fx loop and it’s fantastic. Hopefully the QC will integrate some of those style fx eventually (glitch, granular, multi-tap, reverse, ring-modulator, etc)

I’m going to keep championing this until it’s implemented–a request for adding effects to delay repeats only:

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