Default to show presets when banking up/down in gig view

As a gigging musician, I use scene mode and gig view for navigating my sounds, with everything arranged as a preset per song. I am sure many others do the same.

Like most using this way, I then bank up or down to scroll through to the next preset in between songs.

In gig view, it is very non-intuitive that when the preset bank up or down switch is pressed, the screen doesn’t show what presets are in each bank temporarily while scrolling , making it near impossible to remember the sequence of your presets unless you have perfectly ordered them in a set list.

Suggest that when you are in gig view and in scene mode, that preset view is switched on temporarily by default while scrolling up and down banks of presets, and then it reverts back to your standard mode after a new preset is selected (or times out and reverts back after ~3 seconds).