Screen backlight leak?

Hi all,

I’m a new Quad Cortex owner and overall really happy with it, the only thing is I’ve noticed that in the bottom right corner of the screen looks quite blue like the backlight is leaking?

It’s most noticeable on the load-up screen and also on the regular grid view, but it’s only really visible when viewing the screen from a slight angle. Nonetheless it’s still kind of annoying, especially as most of the time I’m viewing the screen at a bit of an angle whilst sat down anyway.

Has anyone else got this on theirs? Is it normal or a fault? This is the second Quad Cortex I’ve had now (the first I received had a crackly rotary encoder and an overall very muffled sound) but I don’t remember anything like this with the screen on that one.

It’s frustrating as other than this I’m really happy with it and I wouldn’t want to go through all the hassle of returning it only to find a replacement is exactly the same (or worse), but equally it’s bugging me every time I look at it.

Any insight much appreciated.

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Yes I am seeing the blue leakage in the same lower right corner also. I am not an electrician guru, but from my years of computer tech it is not a healthy sign. I am about to make the call to Sweetwater for direction.

Mine has this too and I have found it annoying since I first received my device. I hope other folks chime in on this so we can determine whether it is a standard “feature”, and by that, I mean a design flaw we can live with, or is this only showing up on certain units.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue since day 1, too. In my opinion it’s a typical issue in simple (not to say cheap) displays. Honestly, the resolution of the display is far behind touch screens of even older iPads.

However, being designed to be a floor unit, it’s reasonable not to have a particularily high resolution due to the larger viewing distance. I’m actually hoping for the desktop editor so I can have the QC on the floor where it belongs even when creating/editing patches. Then, display quality of the unit is not so crucial.

Interestingly though, I was very surprised by the quality of the screen on a NUX MG-30, being a budget modeler. Rich colors, good resolution, deep blacks and high contrast. But to be fair it’s much smaller and not a touch screen.

Thanks for replying to this topic. I am still within my warranty period and want to get this repaired if I am in a minority of devices impacted by this. I hope users who are NOT seeing this backlight leak will also comment here so we can get an idea of how widespread this is. I know it is probably just herd logic, but I can live with it, if this is universal on this device, but not if I am one of the “lucky” few.

Thanks for your replies so far. I’m glad to hear it’s not just mine affected by this, however as per the previous post it would be good to hear from others to know just how common this is.

If it were that the majority of units are like this I guess I’d just have to try and live with it and accept it’s a quirk of the design, but if say only 10% had this problem then I’d definitely prefer to return it.

In the meantime I contacted Neural support and their response was this:

"I sent this information to the production team to check this out. Multiple tests were made and I would like to inform you about them.

A camera really highlights the corners. For example, we could get a picture where a corner or edge looks a bit blue although in real life we could barely notice it. Also, this is not visible when looking at the screen from the top. Answering your question, there is an inherent tolerance, and therefore a certain degree of variability between screens, which this is an example of.

To make this even clearer, we can assure you that this is not indicative of any malfunction or defect, and your screen is working as expected"

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I noticed this too but, as in the support response above, it is different depending on the viewing angle.

If you are standing and watch straight from the top everything looks fine.
The lower you get (e.g. when editing presets) the flatter your viewing angle gets and the color bleed gets visible.

Make sure your brightness isn’t turned up too much as well.

Here’s another photo of mine.

I’ve got my brightness set to 10 which is on the lower end of the scale. I also tried setting it to max and it didn’t seem to drastically change how noticeable it was.

Can any other QC owners out there confirm they have units which AREN’T like this (with pics if possible?).

If all units have some degree of bleed I’d keep this one, but if it’s only a minority I’d rather return it for one that won’t drive me crazy every time I look at it.

The same problem as you,I just want to know is it possible to fix this in the next update? Or this a problem can not be solved?

In terms of software-update, there’s no way to fix this, I guess. But honestly, how much of a deal breaker is this issue really? It should be gone if you look straight onto the display.

IMHO people seem to be very sensitive to this “issue” because right now most of the QCs are operated on desks by hand. As soon as NDSP releases a computer editor most people probably won’t care that much about the display quality and light leaks.

As you say, there are times when we don’t really care, but when you consider that you might be in the lucky 10%, it’s paradoxical.
For people with OCD, this is unbearable, and because of the official reply, I can’t return the goods or repair them. In addition, if I consider trading to others, this will be a big discount.

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Nowadays we’re spoiled by state of the art displays on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. They look uniform, even when viewed from an angle, have deep blacks, high brightness, high resolution to the point where you can’t see the pixels, etc. It wasn’t always like that, though.

There’s nothing in the QCs screen, that I didn’t see on other displays in the past and that was considered normal. Just be aware that the display quality, we’re used to from high quality smartphones and tablets, has its cost.

I agreed with your comment, also I think QC can have more better hardware configuration in this era.
I am willing to spend more of my budget on hardware upgrades.

Unless this can be fixed via a firmware upgrade, I consider this a manufacturing or design defect. Pure & simple. There are plenty of inexpensive screens on other devices that don’t have this issue.


These screens appear to be within tolerance and phones can bring out these colors when the screen is photographed.

Those in the thread and anyone else who feels they have an issue with their screens please email so they can look into it for you! Thank you!