Oh NO! Blue Corner on Screen

I’ve heard of this, but my QC screen was good. I use it today and there is the blue lower right hand corner!

Any experience with this?

I have the same problem with mine , and we’re not the only one ,the answer we had on a previous thread on this forum was:
These screens appear to be within tolerance and phones can bring out these colors when the screen is photographed , I think peoples took pictures of what they’ve seen with their eyes , it’s not hallucination , there is a blue stain a the bottom right of the screen for real for some customer here …

Yup, mine has this defect as well.

I’ve bought mine at Long & McQuade in Quebec Canada ,and honestly they don’t give a shit about this problem , according to them if it’s defective , I’ve got to pay for the transport to ship it back to Neural ,it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg ,very disappoint and I bought from an authorize dealer in Canada …

yes, have the same problem

Honestly, I’m not sure how many people don’t have this blue corner.
It’s only seen from an angle, like when you put it in front of you on a desk, and it literally affects nothing.
I wouldn’t worry about it, personally (and yes, I also have it).

Does anyone have this issue when looking directly at the screen and not at an angle? I can see it on mine at an angle, but not otherwise.

in order not to see the blue spot at the bottom right of the screen, it is absolutely necessary to fix the screen in a straight line or perfectly via top view, take per example if the quad is on a desk and you are sitting on a chair in front of the quad, just the angle of your vision will cause this blue spot to appear ,it’s like sitting three person on a couch watching TV (imagine the Quad Cortex is the TV), the guy sitting in the middle facing TV will have a clear vision , the two other on each side will see a blur…

Alright, thanks for the feedback, guys.

I had just moved it to a different position on my desk! That was it; a much shallower viewing angle and the blue corner appears. I don’t see it when it’s on the floor or propped up at an angle on my desk.

I’m going to let it slide for now since it seems to be such a widespread issue. Like, if I exchange it, won’t the next one do the same thing?