Oh NO! Blue Corner on Screen

I’ve heard of this, but my QC screen was good. I use it today and there is the blue lower right hand corner!

Any experience with this?

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Yup, mine has this defect as well.

yes, have the same problem

Honestly, I’m not sure how many people don’t have this blue corner.
It’s only seen from an angle, like when you put it in front of you on a desk, and it literally affects nothing.
I wouldn’t worry about it, personally (and yes, I also have it).

Does anyone have this issue when looking directly at the screen and not at an angle? I can see it on mine at an angle, but not otherwise.

Alright, thanks for the feedback, guys.

I had just moved it to a different position on my desk! That was it; a much shallower viewing angle and the blue corner appears. I don’t see it when it’s on the floor or propped up at an angle on my desk.

I’m going to let it slide for now since it seems to be such a widespread issue. Like, if I exchange it, won’t the next one do the same thing?

Yes, I also have a blue corner, but support does not want to recognize the marriage! And if there was such a flaw on the phone or on the laptop? It would be 100% defect

I’m pretty sure they all have this. I didn’t even notice it on mine until someone on here or Reddit mentioned it, it’s a little annoying but it’s only visible from a really specific angle that I’m not usually looking at it from.

It’s annoying because it’s not a cheap device, because this screen should be like the screen of an iPad or a laptop - it should be the same quality! I have a blue corner visible not only when loading, but also on the grid. You can’t see it unless you look directly from above. I bought a new thing and I have the right to get quality without compromise and demagoguery that it doesn’t matter!

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I want the manufacturer to accept this defective processor with a smile and provide me a new processor, also with a smile and without a defect!

Can you not return it to the store you bought it from?

Have you been working with Neural DSP to resolve the issue?

First I wrote to support.
Support replied:
“This usually occurs on LCD screens and is normal behavior on that type of displays, especially with the angle you took the pictures and the video.
We can assure you that this is not indicative of any malfunction or defect, and your screen should work as expected”

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Do you know what was implied by the response about the angle?

You’d said:

That’s not the issue some are reporting… From a steep angle some are seeing the blue thing, but not directly from above…

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LCD displays have issues like this. The backlight can bleed through the screen and colors look different depending on viewing angle. Viewed head on or only at a slight angle it looks fine, and you can read the screen even at extreme angles.

There might be several reasons for Neural to choose an LCD screen instead of eg an OLED-screen. Cost is probably a major issue, would you pay more for a nicer screen? Availability of parts. The risk of burn-in might be another, especially on a device that displays the same visual elements for long periods of time. Legibility in very bright environments is a consideration, my cellphone screen sure looks a lot nicer in most environments, but it’s nearly unusable in sunlight. And so on.

Would I like to have a beautiful screen? Sure. Would I pay more? Nah.


Mine too, imho Little or null problem.
And this Is not smartphone screen (fragile)

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Are you OK? :rofl:

On topic: I don’t expect the display to be of the same standard as an iPhone. That’d be nice, but it really isn’t quite the same use case.

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I also have this ‘blue corner’ in my QC. It can only be seen from a specific angle and with the screen darkened.

It’s not especially annoying when using it but … it seems as easy to solve as tinting the dark background of the screen with a blue tone via software instead of the gray color that makes the bleed more noticeable. Maybe add some color themes to the system settings.

And serial killers, so YMMV.

I understand your point and I’m saying this in an effort to be helpful - in my experience, this really isn’t a support forum. Issues are pretty much always answered by suggesting one contact NDSP support directly. Sometimes support seems to be escalated if brought up here, but otherwise, not so much - it’s more a community forum.

This forum states clearly that “Our support team cannot quickly help you here.”.

You may get a more direct response (whether or not it’s one you like) on the NDSP Discord, but again, it’ll probably be suggested that you contact NDSP support.

Since you’re being told that your screen is working as expected, if it were my issue and I felt that the device didn’t meet my standards, I’d be thinking about my next steps without the help of NDSP.

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Post removed, please keep things civil, on topic and not personal.


Does QC has a sandbox technology built in? (or is this wrong place to ask that question?)