Midi Automating scene changes inAbleton Live

Anyone been able to make this happen? I am using one preset with 8 scenes. As I change scenes in Ableton (same name unfortunately) I want to also change the scene of the QC preset. I cannot seem to find a way to make this happen. Any ideas?

Hey, if you’re in the Neural DSP Quad Cortex Official Usergroup on Facebook, I posted a video on how to do scene switching in Ableton Live. It can be done. Run a search for Ableton and you should find the thread.

Before anyone asks, I posted that video there before I became involved in this forum.

Cool I’ll check it out.

Hey there - I did look for that video on FB, but no luck. You have a link?

I can’t seem to pull a link from Facebook, and I’ve already deleted the video itself from my phone.

Search the word Ableton in the FB group and find this thread, the video is in there:

Thanks I could find it either. But I think I got it. It seems you have to send midi from ableton to the QC in two sections and then sync that inside the QC preset. Seems yo be working. Thanks man.