Save Preset - Changes the Preset Bank? REALLY?

I am on Preset 2B; the title of the Preset is 2B Unsaved.

I go to save it; so I hit the Save or disk icon on the top right……. (it SHOULD provide a ‘Save As…’ menu option to name it) but it doesn’t.

When I press the Save or disk icon on the top right…… BAM, I’m taken to Preset 1B

What’s going on here???
Is there a bug in simply saving Presets?
Is the Preset shown at the top of the screen (2B Unsaved in my case) - not “really” the Preset you’re on or working with?
Why is this sooOOOOoooo complicated?

Churned in CBus

If you select the little dots in the top right corner it gives you a drop down with one of the options being “save as” and from there you can rename and relocate to where ever you would like.

Thanks Captain!