Preset switching

CorOS Version: 2.00

is there´s something wrong with the preset switching system ?
i´m now using hybrid mode (stomp/preset) and if i´m changing banks,
and push then the different preset buttons once in that bank, it does not show the right preset name stored in this slot…sometimes it´s the previous , sometimes it´s the following preset…(no grid view active). after pressing the button a second time it´s loading the right preset. this behaviour is even without hybrid mode.


Hi @slaggi , I am unable to duplicate that behavior. Please send an email to and they will get you sorted quickly.

I have the same problem!

You guys beat me to it - I absolutely have the same problem, and I have say I am rapidly losing the enthusiasm I had for v2.0 when it first came out :pensive:

Let me expand on this, as at first I thought it was random behaviour, and having spent some time looking in to this, I now realise it is not random…

  1. The problem occurs any time you are using the footswitches at top right and at middle row, far right (marked with the up arrow and down arrow) to change BANK (indicated by the green LEDs next to the footswitches lighting up) AND then select a Preset other than the one that corresponds to the same relative footswitch in the new bank.

In other words this will occur when;

  • You use those footswitches in PRESET mode (if you are using the same footswitches in Stomp or Scene mode, then the switches just cycle sequentially up or down through all the presets, and do not change Bank. In this case the LEDs will be white, NOT green)

  • You use those footswitches in a Hybrid mode in which PRESET is combined with EITHER Stomp OR Scene.

  • You select something other than the same preset in the new bank. So going from 1A to 2A will work with no problem. But going from 1A to 2B or 2C will present the problem

  • It does NOT occur when you are in Preset mode and using switches A - H to directly to change Presets within the current Bank.

  1. This is quite a complex problem to describe in writing (I will try to post a video) so to help illustrate what is happening, let’s say I have 2 banks of presets. In Bank 1, the presets are named as follows;

1A = Marshall
1B = Fender
1C = Peavey
1D = Orange

And in Bank 2, they are named;

2A = Vox
2B = Mesa Boogie
2C = Soldano
2D = Hiwatt


If I am in Bank 1, and in Preset mode, and I press footswitch (hereafter I will abbreviate this to ‘FS’) A, then the Preset named ‘Marshall’ will load. If I stay in the same bank and press FS B, then the Preset named ‘Fender’ will load. And if I press FS D, then ‘Orange’ will load. All with no problem - you get the picture.

Now let’s say I am in Bank 1, 1A (‘Marshall’) and I want to change to Bank 2, 2A (‘Vox’). When I press the top right FS (Bank Up) then both green LEDs on the Bank Up/Down switches light up and the screen will show that Bank 2 has been selected by displaying ‘2A Vox’. The LED at FS A flashes, and if I now press FS A the Preset will load and the LED will go steady. Again, no problem.


Let’s say I want to go from Bank 1, 1A (‘Marshall’) to Bank 2, 2B (‘Mesa Boogie’). When I press the top right FS (Bank Up) then both green LEDs on the Bank Up/Down switches light up and the screen will show that Bank 2 has been selected by displaying ‘2A Vox’. The LED at FS A flashes, all exactly as in the example above, but if I now press FS B to select the ‘Mesa Boogie’ preset, what I expect to happen is that the display will show ‘2B Mesa Boogie’ but what actually happens is that it displays ‘2B Vox’: in other words it changes the preset number to 2B but does not change the name of the preset to the correct name for that location but keeps the name for the first preset in the new bank.

This appears to be purely a display error, as if I was to press FS B to load the preset at that location the name will then change and the screen will correctly show ‘2B Mesa Boogie’ as it should. However the main problem with this is it hides the name of the correct preset in that position so it is hard to be sure you are selecting the correct preset, as you are selecting it ‘blind’.

To make matters worse - if I do not confirm the loading by pressing a FS for the second time - but instead I decide I don’t want preset 2B but want preset 2C, when I press FS C, the display will now change to show ‘2C Mesa Boogie’; ie it is now showing the correct FS position but it is showing the name from the previous FS I single-pressed. If I then decide I do want go back to 2B after all, the display will now show ‘2B Soldano’ so again it is showing the correct FS position, but it is again showing the name of previous FS I single-pressed, which is the incorrect name.

Again this appears to be a display problem as again if I press FS B for the second time it will load the correct preset (‘Mesa Boogie’) and the display will now correctly show ‘2B Mesa Boogie’.

I’m sure that all sounds very complicated, but try what I’ve said above and I’m sure you’ll understand better what I’m trying to describe. I will also post this as a bug when I get time

I’ll email you a copy of my reply on this thread…

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I have the same problem and it doesn’t matter if I’m in hybrid mode or not.

Same issue here. MAke the device hard to manage in live session… Please fix it

I agree that it’s an odd behavior. Once you press a bank up/down button, displaying the layout of the bank you’re changing to would be more intuitive and provide more useful information. That would allow you to see if the preset you want is in that particular bank and see which letter switch you’d need to press to call it up.

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