Save a loop for later

I was just thinking - as a solo guitarist these days, no band sadly - it would be a really great Looper function if you could record as you play a chorus, early on in a song, but rather than play it back immediately when you finish recording, save it to use when you solo later.

AFAIK the current looper functions don’t accommodate this - has anyone come up with a workaround or is this a future feature request?

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There’s been a couple of feature request for the looper to stop recording without playback that didn’t get much traction.

During recording, the one shot button is grayed-out, so it could potentially be used for “stop rec without play”.

A workaround is to use the undo button twice:
Record, then click undo to stop the recording and undo it, then click redo to bring the recording back.

I think it’s only useful for one layer, but I’m not around the QC to verify.
But for a single layer it will definitely work.


Here’s the other post. This would be a really useful feature. In fact, I don’t really bother with the looper because this is typically what I would use it for. i.e., bring back an earlier section as backing while I bust out yet another mind-blowing solo.

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Haha, I see RexRemus already suggested the undo button in the other post.
In any case, It’s a useful feature and I’ll cast my vote once 2.0 lands.
Good luck with that :slight_smile: