Looper - direct stop after end of recording

When I use a looper in Live situation , i first record a rythm part that i use later in the song to play a solo on top of it, but with the QC looper, when we stop recording , the recorded loop automatically starts to play immediately. So , to be complete regarding competitors, following feature should be implemented (maybe in place of the 1/2 tempo that is not used by so many people in my opinion) :
When we stop recording, the recorded loop should be put in memory without playing at once and can be recalled later in the song

Totally agree.
This is a basic looper function!

Without it, for me, the looper is useless :frowning:

I thought you could do this…even with the QC. But I know you can do it with the MC8 using midi. It might work the same in “hybrid” mode. I remember watching a YT video about this function.

As a current workaround, you can hit undo at the end of the loop you want to record, and then hit redo - this will stop the recording and keep it from playing, and then prime what you just recorded for play/stop going forward. If you have a MIDI controller as stated by @brucegregori you can also achieve this.

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