Looper - direct stop after end of recording

When I use a looper in Live situation , i first record a rythm part that i use later in the song to play a solo on top of it, but with the QC looper, when we stop recording , the recorded loop automatically starts to play immediately. So , to be complete regarding competitors, following feature should be implemented (maybe in place of the 1/2 tempo that is not used by so many people in my opinion) :
When we stop recording, the recorded loop should be put in memory without playing at once and can be recalled later in the song

Totally agree.
This is a basic looper function!

Without it, for me, the looper is useless :frowning:

I thought you could do this…even with the QC. But I know you can do it with the MC8 using midi. It might work the same in “hybrid” mode. I remember watching a YT video about this function.

As a current workaround, you can hit undo at the end of the loop you want to record, and then hit redo - this will stop the recording and keep it from playing, and then prime what you just recorded for play/stop going forward. If you have a MIDI controller as stated by @brucegregori you can also achieve this.


Definitely needed!!! Thanks

Completely disagree. The half-time is perfect for creative stuff and I use it basically every time I use the looper, whereas I’ve never needed the functionality described here (though I do see how it could be useful for someone) and it appears it can already be done (as stated elsewhere in this thread).

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Also here to say half time is on of my main uses of the looper (and reverse as well before that one goes in its place).
No half time or reverse would render the looper useles to me.

Please do not implement this request since people can use the workaround from @RexRemus

It’d be great to add the stop functionality, but I love the 1/2 time and reverse options too- those definitely need to stay

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What do use the half-time function for? :thinking:

Playing my loop at half the time I recorded it? :wink:

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I like to do percussive stuff on different instruments then flip it or slow it down for a more interesting “metronome”