Sample rate issue in Archetype: Tim Henson VST3 breaks Tuner and Multivoicer

When using this plugin in Cakewalk, there is a problem if the sample rate is not set to 44.1 kHz. I normally use 48 kHz, in which case the tuner in the plugin works incorrectly. More importantly, the Multivoicer does not work properly either. Changing the sample rate to 44.1 kHz in Cakewalk corrects both issues.

This does not happen with other NeuralDSP plugins that I have (Cory Wong, Plini, Gojira); in those, the tuner works correctly whatever sample rate is set in Cakewalk.

In stand-alone Time Henson, the sample rate can be changed in its own settings page, and the tuner continues to work correctly (as does the Multivoicer).

Am I missing something, or is this a bug? I have emailed Support, but I’d be interested to hear others’ experiences or even suggestions for a solution! Thanks.

I appear to be having this issue with the Henson plug too. In Cubase 11 when trying to tune the tuner seems to be a half step low meaning when I want to tune to E I’m actually tuning to F. All other Neural plugs seem to work ok as stated by Christopher. I’m keen too to understand if I’m doing something wrong. I’m also recording at 48 kHz.

Neural DSP support acknowledged that this is a bug. But in a way that I found rather infuriating, told me that my DAW (Cakewalk) is not supported by Neural. So when I pressed them about whether this bug appears with other DAWs, they told me that it has also been reported with Cubase. Cubase is supported so perhaps a fix will be forthcoming, but only Neural knows!

Meanwhile, I was in touch with Noel Borthwick at Cakewalk, who hypothesised convincingly that the Tim Henson plug is neglecting to query the DAW for a sample rate at instantiation, and is assuming 44.1 kHz. If, like us, you are using 48 kHz, then the plug-in “sees” incoming audio as being 44.1/48 of the actual frequency, so the tuner wrongly reports your E as very flat. I did the arithmetic, and the hypothesis predicts perfectly the mis-behaviour of the plug-in.

I therefore tried changing project frequency from 48 to 44.1 and then back to 48. The plug-in then caught up, and the problem was solved. It is, however, tedious to have to do this for every project using Tim Henson, so I hope Neural fixes it soon. I’d guess that it is a very simple fix,

Gojira, Plini and Cory Wong do not exhibit this behaviour - they are the only others that I use. Ironically, the effects are worse in Tim Henson, because the Multivoicer gets completely misled by its misreading of incoming pitch - try it, it’s horrible!

Hope the same sample rate switch workaround helps in Cubase.

Thanks Christpher, that actually did work for me. As you said though, hopefully this can be rectified in an update soon.


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