Sample rates : old vs. new ati algorithm


After using Archetype Nolly for about a year, I recently acquired Archetype Petrucci and Archetype Cory Wong, which are built on the new ATI algorithm.

My main question is the following : how do these new/updated plugins handle higher sample rates compared to the older plugins (like Nolly) which haven’t been rebuilt on the ATI algorithm yet?

I am not really interested in recording. 95% of the time, I’m only using the plugins one at a time in standalone mode to practice over a backing track.

My only goal is only to achieve the highest audio quality possible, without any artifacts.

For the old algorithm, there is an official Neural DSP article on sample rates & buffer sizes which says that the plugins do not upsample after 88.2KHz and that running on 44.1Khz with high oversampling is the same as running at 88.2KHz with normal oversampling.

Therefore, I have always been using Archetype Nolly with 44.1KHz (high oversampling) and a 128 samples buffer (2.9ms latency, no artifacts).

Secondary questions : **is there any audio quality difference when using higher sample rates with the plugins built on the ATI algorithm? If yes, is there an 88.2KHz upsample limit like in the old algorithm?

Thanks in advance for your answers !