Sample delay (or other means of correcting phase between two amps)

My experience has been that, like most amp setups, you can get two or more QC amps/captures in phase, but it almost always requires recording them separately and delaying one by a small amount like 17 samples in the DAW, for example, IN ADDITION to perhaps flipping the polarity.

Currently, we don’t have a delay device that will go down to the sample level, so finding amps or captures that blend in mono straight out of the QC at this point is trial and error (mostly error). Some kind of phase correlation like Waves InPhase has would make it even easier to dial in a blend of two amps/captures.

In the meantime, for example, I’m attempting to add 17 samples of unnoticeable noise to one of my IRs to correct the blend between the Freeman Lead 100 and Uber Lead amp models - because in that particular case, delaying the Freeman by 17 samples in my DAW will put the two in-phase (or as correlated as they’re going to get).