Rename I/O setting "instrument/mic" to "1/4 or XLR"

A common issue seems to be people following the directions to capture an amp using DI (XLR) and getting confused at the “instrument/mic” selection stage. They’re using XLR, but no mic and getting stumped at that point because the name of the switch is slightly misleading.

Any chance of renaming it to the literal description of the inputs: “1/4 or XLR?”
that’d save a little room on the page too.

I would agree to clarify the naming of the setting.

But I’m not sure if the signal chain for “instrument/mic” is the same. I think there is an active mic preamp if you connect it to XLR? Is it possible to connect balanced instruments via XLR without the mic preamp (like a DI’ed guitar) or do I need a TRS connector?

This isn’t about Instrument/Mic or 1/4 vs XLR. It’s Hi-Z vs Lo-Z


you can connect a mic to a 1/4" input, and you can connect a guitar with an XLR connector. It’s not about the form factor, it’s about the signal and impedance level.

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Understood. Thank you!