1/4 inch jack to XLR Input

Hi there,

I’m after getting a custom pedal board made up for the Quad Cortex. I’d like to have the quad cortex wired up permanently to the board so I can just run any inputs in to one side of the pedal board (2 x combo 1/4 inch / XLR and power) and inputs coming out the other side of the pedal board (2 x TRS 1/4 inch L & R and 2 x XLR L & R).

My question is if there’s a combo 1/4 inch / XLR input on the pedal board itself, plugged in to the QC with an XLR cable, would it be an issue if I plugged a guitar in to the pedal board combo input with a regular 1/4 inch guitar cable? Essentially it would be 1/4 inch guitar cable one end with XLR into the Quad Cortex the other end. My gut feeling is mixing the 2 connections isn’t ideal.