Help! I/O settings: snd/rtn /impedece/trs?

I’m a bit confused about setting the I/O section. The manual doesn’t cover it in detail.
Should I set the “Input & Output” vol just up til it barely touches the red?
The "Send/Return vols as well? (using 4-CM w/Quilter Toneblock 202)
What about “Impedence”? How do I fiqure this out?

Should I be using TRS cable?
(I’m using TS guitar cable)

Aren’t changes to the “I/O section” saved automatically? On a recent live gig it kept changing back to default.

Thanx for any help!

  • Robert

You can save your output via signal chain/preset but your main I/O is global and doesn’t change per preset/scene etc. You can set the impedance to what you desire that works best for your application. Usually active pickups won’t benefit much/at all from changing impedance settings and you can use TS for 4CM or TRS if your amp accepts it etc.