Remote APP / Desktop Application like VNC-Viewer

I know that a remote App has already asked for by a million users but I think the easiest and maybe the best way to do so is just an 1:1 remote of the QCs Screen. Like already know from Servers some Kind of VNC-View App that reproduces the QC Screen would be Damn nice.

As i use it in the Studio I use it on the desk. But now with the amazing looper functions added I’d like to put it on the floor but then I cannot acces the screen as I need it in the studio.

So an Remote App that reproduces the screen 1:1 for Mobile Devices/Tablets and maybe an Desktop Application for Win/Mac that functions as described would be so great.

… I mean what would be really crazy is an VST Plug-in that lets me Automate Parameters on the QC. That would be next level s***.

I already use the QT as external FXProcessor in my DAW and that’s already amazing. But it would be great to have more remote abilities as described

I like this approach. QSC does something like this with their TouchMix30. (I have no clue what their underlying tech stack contains.) The remote app shows exactly the same screen as the mixer, plus a sidebar with the virtualized physical controls. This makes it really easy to go back and forth between the device and the remote; there’s only one interface to learn.