Reduce latency from preset to preset when using the looper

Would be great to be able to use the looper from preset to preset without a dropout occurring.

Changing presets without impacting the tones and or features (e.g. LooperX etc.) requires the use of SCENES.

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Right understood. However if you are looping multiple types of parts say guitar then a bass patch you really need to change presets vs just scenes.

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I gotcha. Thanks for the clarification! Good idea, I hope future hybrid mode incorporates those features as well!

I’m not sure that’s true. The official demo of the looper video says very clearly that you can use the looper across multiple presets. The only requirement is that both presets have the looper in them.

I did find that if you set the looper out (not to the grid) it works seamlessly, actually better than the latency on the AF3. I set the looper output to O1/2 vs grid. Grid seemed to cause the hiccup. Maybe that will change with the new update. But for now a good workaround.

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That is correct, you can use the looper across presets but you should expect some measure of gap, as you would get if you were just switching between presets. You need to use scenes for gapless switching whether or not you are using the looper. I believe that is what @MP_Mod was alluding to.

You may already be aware that it is common to many(all?) modelers to require half the available processing power (DSP) on the device for gapless preset switching. That is why so many modeler designs utilize scenes instead for gapless switching, to preserve all of the DSP for maximum blocks, processing power, and routing within a preset.

Maybe eventually we will see a hybrid solution akin to some other modelers, and it took them years to get there, where you can opt for half the full complement of blocks and routing to be available in a preset, with the other half of the processing power devoted to gapless preset switching. A heavy price to pay for gapless switching but worth it I guess to those who require a fast change between presets that cannot be done between scenes. I have found for my own playing, and judging by the feedback I have seen on the forums I think my experience is pretty common, that scenes cover 98% of what I need to do, but I also understand different players have different requirements and if they can have the option for gapless preset switching, all the merrier.

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Sorry, new terminology to me, not sure if I caught one of your references correctly. Is “grid” equal to the “Multiple Outputs” selection in an Output block?

The latency between even the presets on the QC seems very low to me as well. Better than many other devices I have owned. Still doubt that a code change will eliminate it completely or even significantly though without a solution that halves the DSP available to the preset and allots the other half to the preset switching. Perhaps though if as you observed, selecting ‘Multiple Outputs’ rather than only a pair, indeed results in slower switching, then that could be optimized.

Yes, good point. I misread what the mod was saying and thought they said it couldn’t be done.

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Right so in the looper block you can set output to the grid - which is where all your devices go or to the outputs or inputs of the quad. By setting it this way ( to the ins/out) you basically put the looper into a global looper which would kind of span across presets. This is how I use the looper - like an external looper. Fractal worked to get it latency free but neural has closed the gap because the latency is less than switching presets.


See my solution. No latency I can hear.


Ok, gotcha, truly one of those RTFM moments for me. You are already using the looper in a more sophisticated fashion than I am. Hadn’t even made it to page 2 of the parameters on the ‘Looper X’ block as I haven’t really gotten around yet to using the looper for anything other than auditioning presets. You are referring to the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter options.

From the 1.4 manual’s section on the ‘Looper X’ (which also has descriptions of the other input/output options for the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter): “Grid = The input and output signal of the Looper X will depend on its place in The Grid.”
Or in layman’s terms, input/output will depend on wherever you position the ‘Looper X’ block in your signal chain (grid). Basically the default behavior for loopers on many other devices.

Just awesome how sophisticated the input/output options for the looper are on the QC. Most impressive! Thanks for posting! Clued me in to some looper possibilities I might not have gotten around to for quite a while.

Ok, tested this out using your suggestion of selecting in my case the “Out 3/4” option instead of “Grid” for the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter. I can confirm your results that it is noticeably faster than the “Grid” setting. Nice find! Although I can still hear a tiny bit of a gap (as I would expect between presets), it is a surprisingly, and by that, I mean a shockingly fast switch between presets when set this way. I wonder how many milliseconds that is? Kudos to the Neural developers!

One note: Even if they can’t get to a completely gapless switch between presets when using the looper any time soon (for the reasons I detailed in previous posts above), it would be nice to see the “Grid” setting perform as well as some of the other ‘Routing Mode’ options, as it is the default and potentially going to be the most frequently selected.

Cool. I am getting absolutely no gap. Try placing the looper in the same position in preset to preset.

That is what I tend to do. Perhaps you have fewer blocks or less DSP usage in a preset. Definitely getting a momentary dropout, but an impressively short one.

Interesting. My DSP is around 50% but I am running 5 amp captures - PRS archon/clean/lead and Corncord Lead and Victory V30 MKII clean/lead plus a bunch of effects - 3 rows of blocks. Then I go to a packed bass preset.

But to be honest I get no drop outs no matter what preset I go to with a looper.

Odd…it may be where your last output block is?

Ist there a good way to switch between scenes and still use / access the looper again by foot?

Or ist this all about the hybrid mode?

Midi Controller but I believe hybrid would do it with a midi cable from in to out on the QC.

As @brucegregori mentioned the current hack is to get a limited implementation of hybrid mode by connecting a cable between the MIDI In and MIDI Out. Link below has a walkthrough for setting this up but searching for hybrid and Quad Cortex in YouTube will bring up several others. Also worth mentioning that hybrid mode is generally expected to be part of the 2.0 firmware.

It is “all about hybrid mode”! Now it is official. Hybrid coming in the 2.0 firmware update per the September Development Update.

Until then, though it is kludgy, you can switch to Stomp mode, record your loop and set it to play, switch back to Scene mode, and proceed to switch between scenes. The loop will continue to play in the background. Same process can be used for switching between presets, as long as there is a looper in your signal chain. Very useful for designing presets/scenes.

Can’t wait until the 2.0 firmware drops with hybrid mode! The looper and many other parts of my preferred method of operation will get much more user friendly. Beta testers, warp speed on 11, full steam ahead!