QC looper cuts out between patches

Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere but much as I love the sound of the QC I’m hugely disappointed (it’s almost a deal-breaker) to find that the looper cuts out as you change patches to another patch with a looper included.

Coming from a Headrush, in which the looper is global (to my mind this is the best arrangement, so you don’t have to add a looper to each preset that you want one on) and therefore has seamless patch changing while the looper is playing, I’m really surprised that the QC looper cuts out between patches.

Has anyone else mentioned this, and is this likely to be addressed in the future?

Thank you

Go to the second page of parameters for the looper and change the setting for the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter from “Grid” to whatever you have set in your output block, or really, anything other than “Grid”. This results in less looper latency when switching between presets. Thanks to @brucegregori for discovering this.

Also, you can always switch between scenes rather than presets with next to zero latency.

Excellent, thank you, I’ll give that a try.
Seems a shame thought that on a unit this powerful (the most powerful in fact, their words not mine!) that there should be a any latency at all (and I feel the same about switching between presets; seems pointless having relay and reverb trails on if the sound actually cuts out for a short time between presets)

The looper is now off the grid and I’ve got to say I’m very pleased now there is no cutout in looper sound between presets. :grinning:

If the architecture is the same as most other modelers the ‘trails’ only work between scenes, not presets. For the present, pretty much every modeler either has a gap between presets or alternatively, devotes half the processing power to gapless preset switching. Me, I prefer having the extra blocks and processing available within a preset. Some devices such as the Helix now offer gapless preset switching with trails as an option in addition to scenes, but using that option comes at the cost of half the number of blocks and DSP available for a preset. It also arrived after several years of development.

I like the hybrid approach though and hope other modelers will adopt it. It accounts for the current limitations of hardware, regardless of manufacturer, but also offers the player scenes OR the gapless preset option (if they don’t mind giving up half their signal path and processing).

Most users though find that, contrary to what they may have assumed about their gapless preset switching requirements, scenes provide gapless switching for most/all of their playing needs, particularly with the sheer amount of processing power on tap in the QC. The surplus of processing power allows more amp blocks within a preset than is currently available on most other modelers. It is a spectacularly “scene-centric” friendly device.

You can place several channels of an amp, or multiple different amps as well as cabs/captures into a single preset along with plenty of FX blocks. This offers a crazy amount of flexibility for scenes on the QC, which also enables you to use the trails.

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I think the Headrush units allow trails (they call it ‘spillover’) between presets (or ‘rigs’ in HR language)

Good point about using multiple amps within a preset to kind of give you multiple presets within one, I’d thought of that too, I’ll give it a try