Recovering a single preset

I’m sure that this has been covered before but I’m not finding it with a forum search.

I spent some time last night doing some preset clean-up and reorganizing. In the process I accidentally overwrote two presets. These presets are saved in previous backups (cloud and local) but, of course, I have no way to recover them without overwriting everything I’ve done since then.
I reread the section in the manual about uploading separate presets to the Cortex Cloud so, I could reload a previous backup and upload the two lost presets to the C-Cloud then reload last night’s backup, but I don’t see any information on reloading my uploaded presets from the cloud to my QC.
I hope my convoluted question makes sense. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might be able to recover the two lost presets without having to start over with what I’ve done recently?

  1. Take a current full backup.
  2. Load your old full backup.
  3. Upload the presets to the cloud that you overwrote and would like to get back.
  4. Reload the current/latest full backup you took in step#1.
  5. Tap on the preset name in any preset, under the menu on the left, scroll down to the section entitled ‘Presets’, tap ‘Cloud Presets’ and download the individual presets you uploaded in step#3. That’s where the presets you uploaded to the cloud are located.
  6. Create a new full backup so you won’t have to repeat the process.

Thanks H.O., that’s the procedure I was hoping to use. I even uploaded a few test presets but can’t figure out how to import them back to the QC. When I click on a preset in my cloud list, it gives me two options, “share” and “delete”. I tried it using Cortex Control, maybe it has to be done directly from the QC. Have you succesfully imported one of your own uploaded presets (not one shared by someone else)?

you have to do it directly on the qc

Doesn’t do you any good if your “Lost” presets aren’t in a backup. If they are then you can get the last saved version back. I’ve gotta say, I’m not in love with the inability to save individual presets and to save presets locally. It’s a whole new file management paradigm. Still trying to get used to the nuances of this system.

I do like the improved file management of presets on the QC using the Cortex Control app though. It’s a lot easier now than it was previously.

The instructions I listed were for recovering presets directly from the QC. However, you can download your presets just as easily from Cortex Control by going to the ‘Directory’ tab, click on the icon that looks like a 3x3square-grid on the far-left, then click on ‘Cloud Presets’ on the left, click the three vertical dots to the right of the preset you want, and click ‘Download’.

How are you navigating to the presets you want to recover, e.g. name of list on the menu? You want to be looking under ‘Cloud Presets’.

Btw, if it is a saved capture you are trying to recover, click instead on the capture icon on the far-left of the ‘Directory’ screen in Cortex Control, and then click on ‘Cloud Capture’.

SOLVED! The cloud presets weren’t showing the cloud/download button next to each preset because they were already on my QC. Once I loaded the previous backup, uploaded the two lost presets to cloud presets and reverted back to my latest backup, the cloud icon was showing next to the lost presets, allowing me to load them back into the QC. Thanks for your suggestions and patience!


Actually, even if the cloud preset is already on your QC you can still download it again to, for example, another location in your setlists.

If you are working from the QC directly, if you have never downloaded a preset in your ‘Cloud Presets’ directory it will show the cloud icon for downloading. Once it has been downloaded it shows the checkmark icon instead but can still be downloaded again by touching the checkmark.

If you are using Cortex Control, at least in this version, the same logic applies. You can always download a preset in ‘Cloud Presets’ using the ‘Download’ option (Cortex Control uses text instead of the cloud and checkmark icons, under the three-dots menu).

Gotcha. Pretty clever but having cloud preset download instructions in the manual could have saved some head-scratching and typing. Fortunately, you had the answer. Thanks much.