Recording Guitar and Vocals at the same time

Hey all!

I’m trying to record vocals and Guitar simultaneously and to put them into separate tracks on my DAW (Logic). However when I send them to different (and specific) outputs instead of multi out, for example guitar to USB Output 3/4 and vocals to USB Output 5/6, I can’t hear the processed signal through my headphones.

Could anyone tell me how should I set this up please?

Are you recording the processed signal or the dry one? Channels 1 and 2 into your DAW are always the dry input signal from QC inputs 1 & 2, regardless of where you route your processed signal.
For more complicated setups, you could use row splits.

Hey Firerock thanks for getting back to me. I’m trying to record processed signals to separate audio tracks and I want to be able to monitor it through my headphones. However I can only get both signals to play through my headphones when they are both assigned to outputs USB 3/4 and they end up on the same track.