Recording with QC in Protools

I’m trying to record with My QC on protools
I connected the USB and tries to open a pro tools session but an error came up saying that the QC was not capable of processing the sample rate
I then tried running the QC through my Scarlett
I could hear the guitar and it recorded the guitar track but when I played it back it was barely audible
Is this something in Protools ? Or is the signal not being properly recorded ?

Hi @Tsharman and welcome to the community! It’s almost impossible to know specifically where your setup isn’t configured correctly. The QC works with 48hz so make sure your project matches else you will get a mismatch error like you did. Make sure your levels are high but not clipping. Review your I/O by swiping down on the QC display to ensure you are seeing a strong signal sending and receiving (if using the QC as your interface). Hope that helps but if you can’t figure things out, feel free to email and they will get you sorted.

That worked. My next question is - Can I use the usb out to record a track on protools?
When I select USB as an output I cannot hear my guitar.
When I use multi out I can hear and play along with the song but I can’t see input from the guitar on a new track

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Got the signal to record on pro tools but the volume is too low . I can’t bring the output gain up on usb output . Is there another way to boost the output ?

You want to ensure both your signal chain and I/O are set correctly with zero clipping. Recommend to check your signal chain, check levels within the blocks and check your output of your signal chain as well (long press on signal chain output).

FWIW, the USB connection doesn’t sound as good as the physical outputs, t my ears, provided you have a decent I/O with some nice preamps.

I track mine into Protools via UAD2 Apollo hardware, as a standard audio input, it’s a better sound.

I found the same thing . So I’m running through my Scarlett , though I do find for some reason the output to be very low on the track and I need to gas it up in protools.
My signal to Protools is actually quite hot but in playback I need to boost the recorded track
Should I be using a different audio input hardware

The Scarlett’s aren’t bad at all generally, just make sure you’re in Line not mic mode.

Sorry if I’m stating the bleeding obvious…!

Appreciate the feedback…thanks

A few thoughts on this thread.

  1. If Protools is in Low Latency mode, and QC is your hardware engine in PT, make sure you are monitoring an appropriate out on the QC. On a Mac Mini M1, my preference is to track with low latency off at 64 samples, and monitor via the QC headphone out.

  2. Also have a 2i2 and UA X8P. IMO, the latency is to high adding them to the chain after the QC, and not something I find worth doing. Keeping in mind you’d be converting from analog to digital to analog to digital if you take that approach. I find just using the QC as the hardware engine and keeping samples low (32, 64, or 128) works best.

  3. As to the USB output fro the QC. Totally agree, this signal is to low. When using USB out 1 from the QC to record the guitar DI, the signal will barely get to -20. Now that is with single coils, so I’m sure this varies based on guitar pickups. However, I find myself having to clean boost the dry guitar signal with an analog preamp before the QC, just to manage getting the single coil DI to -18 ish. It would be nice to have an option to add some clean boost from the QC. Even from the QC I/O screen, with the IN1 gain all the way up, can’t get to -18 from the DI passthrough on USB 1.

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It’s not just about the level though. if you track to any DAW via the USB connection, you are coming out of the QC pre the D/A converters and whatever hardware the QC uses for impedance etc. Which will have an impact on the sound.

I am making the assumption that the QC does what every Multi-fx system does and feeds the digital stream to the USB for passage to the DAW, and doesn’t re-digitise the D/A converters output because, well, why would you?

The Helix suffers from the same comparison, the USB feed doesn’t sound the same as the analogue outputs. You’d have to decide for yourself which sounds better, I generally prefer the analogue outputs of all the Multi-fx systems I’ve owned or recorded, YMMV.

I will always track via a good pre-amp/converter if available, I use the UAD2 Apollo pre-amps for stereo and an RND Shelford channel if I’m tracking in mono. I’ll also send the feed to a FRFR cab and mic it for a bit of room too.

You can swipe down and adjust the input level, it’s pretty quiet unless you boost it a few decibels. For me I prefer to use the USB out just because it’s more convenient and less clutter, and I really can’t tell the difference in a mix personally.