Connecting qc to audio interface very quiet?

hi all bought a audient id 14 mk 2 interface and connected from qc with xlr to trs ,however monitors (adam a5x) and qc on full power and audio interface on 9 oclock volume to get the same volume output as when the qc full volume was connected direct to the monitors with monitor volume at 2 oclock
this is the first time ive used a separate interface and is this normal or not ?,or could it be that should use xlr to xlr leads qc to interface ,the interface input lvls are showing correctly from qc just blow clipping point so right volume going in just not comparing out of inface anywhere as loud as direct to monitors …any help would be greatly apricated thanks

Hi @russ and welcome to the community. Honestly, I’m not sure what you are asking etc.
Otherwise NDSP recommends for best SNR to use the big volume knob at 100% and then tweak presets as needed. If you are using another interface for audio input besides the QC, I would consult the manufacturers manual for that interface as you may need to bump up the input gain.

If the output/input levels are reading correctly on the QC then it’s very likely that it isn’t the issue. Is your laptop output volume also all the way up? After you verify all of the right connections are in place (which might be resolved in part by contacting support at, double check your interface and DAW output levels too.

thanks for replying guys looks like ive sorted it it even though qc and monitor volumes at full and interface at 2/3, qc lvl to interface just below clipping it appears the qc need s to be connected to the interface by xlr to xlr as a mic would be ,not as most interface say which is with trs into the interface for line lvl thanks again for help

If you want to use TRS, try using OUTs 3/4 etc. Otherwise, glad you resolved it!