Recording through Apollo x8

I am using the TRS output or the XLR output from the DSP into my Apollo x8 audio interface. I have used the Hi-Z inputs and various other inputs but the level into the UA Console app is quite low even with the QC turned up quite a bit. If I go higher than 75% it gets more distortion. The input is really too low to use to record into logic from console. Anyone else have this issue? Any solution?

I discovered you can alter the settings on the inputs and outputs. I am not at the QC and I forget how I accessed the software settings. I believe you Swipe down and the software level I/O will appear. You can make changes there. I also use an Apollo BTW.

Isn’t it possible to just go from the QC straight into the computer and skip the Apollo altogether? I think those are on Channel 7-8, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s plenty hot going into my recording interface. Like mentioned above, check the levels in the output screen (swipe down) , as well as the levels on the patch itself

I use my QC as an interface just to track my gtrs and bass…then switch over to my Apollo.Using the QC as a usb interface gives you insane routing options.Example…I create 3 mono tracks,1 is a DI,second is the first amp rig in my 2 amp rig preset and the 3rd track is for the 2nd amp rig in my preset.Once all guitars and bass are tracked I switch over to my UAD Apollo.