Quad Cortex Getting Started - Routing

Hi, my QC is arriving in a few days. Very basic questions: I’ve an Apollo Twin, how do you connect the QC to the Apollo? What cables do I need?

If you’re going to connect to the Apollo, I’d suggest XLR.

Here’s the routing on my setup. I actually record via USB but also run analog into the Big Knob interface for low-latency monitoring. That way I minimize A/D conversions and also minimize monitoring latency. Running USB audio into my Mac also allows me to record dry tracks for reamping.


Oh, really cool! It’s great to be able to also record the dry signal by USB.
Thanks for sharing, Alec. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

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Hi, If you connect QC to apollo twin from the xlr output/(s) of QC, you will need cables where other end is female xlr and the other end is TRS phone plug. Of course you can also use basic xlr microphone cable with xlr male to trs phone adapter. Apollo twins xlr input is microphone level only and if I recall correctly QC xlr output is line level.

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It is propably possible to record also clean di track with apollo twin if you record QC only mono. You will have to route processed QC mono signal to one input of apollo twin and the DI sound to the other. Then in Apollos Console you get low latency monitoring as usual. And in your daw you can choose to record only DI or QC mono signal also…

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Thanks so much, Rike! Mine is arriving in two days, and looking fwd to experimenting with the clean DI option you mentioned. Is there’re any specific site where people are sharing their captures? Thanks!

All sharing is through the QC app