Recording Synth and MIDI track

Hi, I would like to use my synthesizer with my QC into my DAW.
Is it possible to record the audio signal and the midi signal at the same time via the QC?
Recording the audio is simple but I cannot figure out the MIDI signal flow

Help! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Turn MIDI Thru on in the Quad Cortex MIDI settings. Also make sure you are using MIDI Din input on QC from you synthesizer, and use the QC MIDI Din output into your DAW.

MIDI Thru on QC does not send MIDI Din input to USB MIDI output.

Thank you very much , mr jamsden. I will try this and will report back !!

Yes, this works, Thanks again mr jamsden :person_raising_hand:

By the way : I was also able to send the recorded MIDI out of my DAW back into the synth and record the audio (while using a different patch) via the QC! No DIN plugs in the QC for this one.