Recording guitar sped up all tracks and effects bleeding through to other recorded tracks


I am recording on my QC (via USB) on Cubase. I already have drums and bass recorded.

Everything sound fine when recording through monitors.

After recording the guitar track. The entire song sped up considerably and the whole thing was up an octave. And the guitar effects bled through to every track.

Deleted it…plugged in Steinberg, and everything recorded just fine.

Went back and tried again with QC with end result being the same speed up of all tracks (BPM didnt change) and pitch rose an octave.

Deleted that, went to empty preset and just recorded the guitar, no amp etc…same result. Sped up the whole song.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

Are you accidentally forcing the wrong sample rate? DAW should be at 48 kHz

Additionally (I’m not familiar with cubase) but is it possible the playback speed (BPM setting) is overriding the timebase of the recorded track?

IME tracks changing speed is usually due to a sample rate mismatch somewhere, or a tempo related issue in the DAW


Thank you.

The sample rate issue is something the customer service email mentioned as well.

I’ll have to check it out later tonight.

Fingers crossed. Thanks again!!!

Will changing the sample rate warp the playback speed of the pre recorded tracks?

This thread on the Steinberg forum seems to indicate it will.


Thank you. I was trying finding something similar on their forums but not that one specific. I appreciate it.

Since we can’t change the Quad to 44, we re afraid the drums and bass are going to messed up now.

You can adjust the driver on the laptop to 4400, but that would screw up the signal from the Quad, I assume.

There are topics on Steinberg about this and how to fix it after the fact…mostly when importing.

But also reading that reamping it makes it bypass some of the Cubase settings so maybe setting the QC up for reamping as shown in the manual will work.

If not…we’ll just mic up our cab with the power amp and record that way.

I’d suggest finding the WAV file outside the daw in the project folder, and just playing it back normally with a media player. If that sounds sped up too, then the source file is probably recorded wrong. If not, then its a DAW playback issue and adjusting the rates or importing it correctly could fix it and maybe inform you of the cause


Thank you. Excellent suggestion!

I want to just record the guitar clean through, play it back…add an amp, play it back…add cab etc…but I’m being compromised with what I can do. I’m not the one with the recording software/gear. So I can’t just do it on my own.

That being said…

Everything plays back fine unless the Quad track is in it.

We released our single in June. Mic’d my Orange Dual Dark/Orang Enclosed Cab/Strandberg 7 string… and everything was great.

The band already was wary of micing up but after recording they were blown away at the quality.

For some reason, now they want to DI everything for the recording of the album. All drums and bass have been recorded. They all play back great. 12 songs. Until the QC is added.

I’m letting our other guitarist record at home first, since he’s the main guy, so he can dial up his tones etc…and it’s not working out for him with the Quad…which I purchased for the band mainly.

I’m suggesting since the Cubase and Quad are at 44/48, respectfully, and the sound comes through the PA fine and through the SD power amp and Cab fine…just quit dreaming about recording in DI and mic those back up.

We’ll have the sound no matter what for the album. Playing live, I’m more than likely using the Dual Dark and Rockerverb unless we’re strapped for space…and use the QC as needed.

For the next album etc…we’ll go the entire DI way they want.

But for now…I’m trying to find the solution to keep em all happy and recording away. Even the vocalist is pumped about using it to sing through. I just don’t want the other tracks to be all messy or compromised because of having to make adjustments…I can see that discussion coming already without it even being recorded :joy:.

So he’s going to give it another go tonight with all the suggestions from here, the customer supports and the Steinberg forums and taking it from there. There is a way to individualized the Quad track to 44 as the rest on Cubase is all recorded at, but I’m not sure they understand what to do or will follow the suggestions correctly.

Fingers crossed.

I think there’s something funky with how you’re using the DAW here to be honest. Locked sample rates for gear aren’t unique to the QC. If it’s a sample rate mismatch somehow causing this, your best bet is to record the QC output separately at 48khz and let the project resample it to 44.1, or export it as 44.1 and add it to the main project.

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That’s one of the weird things…Cubase didn’t prompt to change the guitar to 44 like it would as if we imported a separate .wav file.

I’ve instructed the one with the files to just right click on it and change it, like it says we could on Steinberg, but haven’t heard anything back.

Thanks again!