Think every issue I have is with Cubase...Professional software

Seems every issue we have with the Quad not performing up to standards is centered around the Cubase Software. It even bricked the Quad for a few moments that was quite scary, for me at least.

Our engineer is spending way too much time fixing problems with Cubase and the software in general. By the time things get fixed, we lose our recording time.

We are a band who is doing it all on our own and am integrating the Quad to make life easier.

As opposed to mic’ing up my favorite Orange amps (which I still want to do anyways)

What is the software or choice for professionals out there who are using the Quad? If any. Or is it all just a crap shoot.

For DAW? Anything from Reaper to Pro-tools, Studio One, Logic etc. Lots of different DAW software available based on your OS.

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Thank you…yeah for DAW.

With Cubase, which we always used whether mic or DI, it’s never been user friendly. It’s up there in quality, but it’s frustrating to use.

Now with the Quad, it’s almost like it wants to spit out anything we record with it and consistently have to reset settings, sample rates, constantly. It updates today and sample rates of every track were different…even the drums , which never happened before.

Didn’t know if there was one that QC users have been gravitating to for ease of use.

I use it with Logic on Macs, have never had an issue.
I have a friend who used Cubase (not with QC) and got really tired of fighting with it; he switched to Studio One by Presonus and loves it

I love Studio One…it’s what I have personally at home. Just simple enough to get the job done and sounds perfectly fine to me too.

Same here! Used S1 for years!

I use cubase and qc without problem

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That’s good. I’m glad it works for you.

Cubase updates yesterday and when I plugged the QC in, the program froze and the Quad bricked.

Before it updated yesterday, every single file was a different tempo. On all 10 songs. The drums, bass and guitars…all different. For no reason. The sample rates didn’t change, the bpm didnt change…

It was fine the day before because I recorded.

Getting annoying and locking up the QC was scary.

I feel like the most common QC-with-DAW-related issues people talk about are with Cubase. I don’t know what to say other than, it might be time to switch.

I use Logic and Ableton Live Suite and have no issues there. Logic has a large learning curve.

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I’ll have to check out Logic. Don’t mind having to learn a bit if it works as intended etc…

We’ll finish this project with Cubase since 75% is already on there. Then I’ll see if I can get the guys to switch.

I’m just nervous it’s going to fry the Quad instead of brick it next time. I get anxious like that lol.

You won’t cause any issues with the QC via using any specific DAW etc., It’s just a tool that allows you to chose interfaces for recording and re-amping via USB audio if you use the QC as your interface etc.

Yeah…I’m just wary with tech etc.

Something happened yesterday that locked the DAW and made the QC unusable as well. Once Cubase locked up, no sound came through the Quad, even monitors and then it automatically shut down.

Couldn’t revive it for a couple minutes.

It was very weird. I’m not going to try and recreate it, just hoping it was some fluke thing.

If it were up to me, I’d be running with through my SD power amp to me can and mic’ing that up instead of direct. But, I have to give some concessions for now.

Sounds like a power issue if it took out your DAW and the QC.

Happened right after the DAW updated a patch. Shouldn’t have had the Quad plugged in at the time since the computer had to restart.

Not sure a power issue would mess up the files etc…Who knows…

What version of cubase are you using? Is it pirated or official? I ask because I recorded a whole album using cubase and QC with 0 issues.

Pro 12…not pirated.

Never had issue with previous songs/singles, which were mic and nothing DI.

The weirdest was every track being at a different tempo for all 10 songs…not one track was the same tempo as any other track in any other song.

When the day before, everything was going great and tracks recorded we’re going smoothly.

The week before that…guitars that weren’t though the QC went all muffled and off pitch.

Nothing has changed with sample rates etc.

I purchased Cubase 12 artist, that thing is a pain in the ^$$, i have no problem recording my guitar but i can’t get my midi keyboard to trigger vst sound, went through the manual, went to their forum, i tried everything about this issue, no luck so far, i have used Cubase in the past, no problems, but this 12 is a nightmare, if you wanna scratch the surface you gotta study for days, it’s no fun how complicated they made it indeed.

Yes! It was like learning a whole new software when this update popped out. Their forum is very unhelpful.

I actually got more help from Neural Customer Service helping me through Cubase problems than I did through Steinberg :joy:

Very frustrating.

Just to add a bit of a different tonality to this:

I find Cubase to be one of the most powerful DAWs out there; there’s hardly anything I CAN’T do with this beast. Workflow-wise, there are different philosophies between Cubase, Logic, ProTools, Studio One, Reaper, etc, but overall, all these DAWs are complex beasts - and need to be, in order to be used in a professional context without constantly hitting limits.

I’m not saying which user experience approach is better or worse - essentially, you can get used to anything, and once you’ve spent serious time with it, switching to any other DAW will feel strange and uncomfortable.

Cubase is my main DAW, but I also regularly use Reaper, and Harrison Mixbus for some special duties - I could live with all of them, but since I’ve been using Cubase since it exists, I get results faster with it than with the alternatives - tools you know…

If your engineer is struggling with getting Cubase to work nicely with the QuadCortex (I assume you are using it as an audio interface via USB - correct?) - I’d suggest going the old-fashioned way and simply record the audio output of the QuadCortex via a “normal” audio interface - just connect some audio cables! If you are talking about an “engineer”, I assume that a professional grade audio interface is in place - recording the QC that way shouldn’t cause any complications in any DAW (and no chance at all of Cubase “bricking” the QC, as you claim).

So provided your sound person knows what he/she is doing around Cubase in general, things should go nicely if you just provide a normal audio signal from the QC. Then your engineer can focus on what he/she does best and not fiddle with Quad Cortex issues.

If your engineer can’t get Cubase working smoothly, even without the QC involved, I’d suggest you find another engineer (if this is a trained person) - Cubase is used in professional setups all over the world, and any trained audio engineer should be able to get it to work nicely.

If OTOH your engineer is just a hobbyist acting as an engineer, there are probably easier DAWs than a full Cubase (Pro) to start out with - the complexity can be daunting, and you won’t need 80% of all its features anyway. There are “entry-level” versions of a number of DAWs - see this article for an overview:

I’ve been through all the “my DAW is better than yours” discussions - not starting to get into another one :wink:



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I’m happy the program works well for you and others as well Thank you for the link to intro level DAWs…I’m sure some hobbyist would find that helpful.

Mod: It’s ok to lock this as it’s turning into what I was trying to avoid. Thank you. With the Quad being a fairly new hardware, was just wondering if the community was gravitating toward any specific DAW with it.

P.S. Our “engineer” is a TONY award winner.

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